May 4, 2009

The Economy And The Importance Of Art

I'll be straight. My business has languished as of late. I noticed a big dive in sales of medium priced pieces last year and I'm still treading water. I've had some large commissions which have kept my business afloat the past six months so for that I am thankful. I bide my time on Facebook and now that winter is over I find myself outside in my gardens, planting Early Girl and Big Boy Tomatoes, habenero peppers and Ruby Beets. The annuals were planted and the rains came to water them in nicely. Once again, I find myself here, waiting for a sale, waiting for my next special order and wondering how long this dry spell will continue. I try and refrain from lamenting about it too much. I believe that positive thoughts create positive results. In a moment of weakness I posted a piece on Facebook regarding an article I read in the Washington Post, and three kind souls left the following comments in response:
Dave McMillen wrote: The problem, of course, is that so many people consider art, and the arts in general, to be a luxury, rather than an essential element to a high quality of life. We know this is totally wrong-headed, but then we so seldom think about such things until we don't have them anymore. Then we miss art, and we wonder how we could have been so stupid. Par for the course, unfortunately.
Alan Kline wrote: I agree totally...considering arts to be a luxury is the same kind of wrong-headed thinking that causes school districts to cut music and drama programs to fix their budget problems...
and Steve McMillen wrote: On the other end of the scale from art being considered a luxury, art is something that is magically "provided" to beautify life. Somehow artists just create art and it appears.'s not some kind of secular ministry to which we've taken a vow of poverty. Buying art is an investment in life.
Thank you my kind gentlemen for your reflection on this topic. You brought me hope in a time of weakness and your words give me continued strength to remain on this creative path. For that I am enternally filled with gratitude, Laurie B.



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