December 7, 2008


Good evening friends. We had an interesting day here at The Olde Farmhouse. Living in the country has it's challenges. We happen to live at a high point in Central Illinois and suffer most of the wild weather in this area. We've been hit by lightening more times than I care to admit, have had tornadoes on the ground within two miles of our house, suffered through the historic ice storm two years ago and were without power for 7 days in the single this morning was a quiet morning as I finished one of my newest pieces of stained glass. I noticed the power flickering from time to time the past few days but chose to ignore it. Well, today we lost power to about half of the house. NOT good because at the pole light it showed full voltage coming into the house but at the house it showed 40 volts....and I thought I smelled smoke. My engineer husband thought we should call an electrician right away so we choked on the cost and called him. He arrived swiftly and said he heard "sizzling" at the box attached to the pole light. We had to call our Electric Co-op....Corn Belt Energy...hence the reason for this story. We have a wonderful journeyman that has been at our house in the rain, snow, sleet, lightening, 11:30 at night, 10:00 at night, subzero weather, and he always, ALWAYS arrives with a smile. He's WAY cool! I decided that he was a pretty big part of our daily function here at The Olde Farmhouse and to be honest, we wouldn't be able to live comfortably and securely without the knowledge that no matter the time, if we call, he will be here in short order. I snapped a photo of him today, working away on the box. He replaced a part that had burned out but we will have to have them back to completely replace the old worn out electrical box. At any rate, Pat, our kind and very hearty Corn Belt Electrician has our deep thanks for all of his hard work. I plan to give him something for Christmas (since I know the chances are he'll be back before then)
Never a dull moment at The Olde Farmhouse! With Gratitude, Laurie B.


Anonymous December 9, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

Sure glad you got that taken care of pronto!



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