July 16, 2008


GoOd MoRNInG friends!
After a whirlwind trip to our hometown of Freeport, IL, then on to Madison, WI and back home to The Olde Farmhouse, we are regrouping and taking a breather! I wish I had some beautiful pictures to post of the glass I've been working on but I'm not quite ready to post them yet. Soon; very soon. I've been busy this fine morning working on my stained glass commission, two inventory pieces, networking with my fellow artists online and am getting ready to do some copper foiling. I wanted to jump on here quick and say HeLLo to everyone. I'll share this A-dorable picture of my best girl, Phoebe! She was a real trooper this weekend. At a moment's notice she was shuttled off to stay with my son and soon to be daughter-in-law who live an hour away. Jessica, *my future daughter-in-law, snapped this picture of Phoebe, sitting in her back seat after we did the hand-off. Poor "Feebs" gets horribly car sick. We did the doggie Dramamine but alas, she still had "an episode". This picture was taken BEFORE the mess! As you can see, she's filled with love and affection, even when she's feeling yucky! My kind-of-gal!
With gratitude, Laurie B.


Kristen Andrews July 17, 2008 at 1:54 PM  

too cute, what a face!

Anonymous July 17, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

Welcome Back!!!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and Phoebe is just darling!! What a great pal!!

Pam Hawk July 21, 2008 at 11:52 PM  

Your little furball looks like such a sweet, happy girl! Sorry to hear she yakked all over... I've been there, too with my darling childhood pooch.

Hey, I see you switched your blog layout around. Isn't that refreshing? I equate it to rearranging the living room furniture and see it as a necessity now and then. Mmm-hmm, a necessity like buying shoes. And breathing.

May I suggest a tip I learned the hard way? If you try to do a 3 column template or change to a template offered outside of blogger, you may have to re-add all the widgets and stuff on the sidebar. Last Saturday I was trying to add a 3rd column and nearly lost everything but my posts. Fortunately I stopped myself just in time and back tracked (yes, I saved my old HTML but that wasn't enough, apparently.) I did have to rebuild my blogroll - the one where it lists snippets of recent posts. I love that feature and had to try to go from memory to put all the blogs back in place. I know I'm missing some and there are new ones in there. That's when I got smart and put them all in my Google reader, then just uploaded them from the reader. That way if I lose them again I can replace them in three clicks.

Just wanted to mention that in case you're looking to make more changes. (Plus, I'll admit it: I'm selfish. I'd hate for a blog I look to for inspiration to get "broken.")



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