October 5, 2009


Hello Readers,
As I wake this morning I realize that so much of life's accomplishments are based not just on our abilities and our gifts but on our courage and our tenacity to never give up. Taking a leap of faith has never been easy for me and my most recent leap was a big one. It feels at times like I have jumped the Mississippi, the Grand Canyon and on certain days, the Atlantic. The kicker is I did it. I revel in that. This move has been glorious, scary, heartbreaking and joyous. The feelings come and go and remind me of the waves lapping on the shores of the Mississippi after a fishing boat has passed by. I work at letting these feelings move at their own pace and try my best to BE. I learn new lessons every day and the new experiences presenting themselves make me feel as light as a feather. I enjoyed a beautiful Sweet Adeline performance yesterday in Belvidere, IL and it was nothing short of MAGIC. These women simply rock! I am actually entertaining the idea of singing again. A year ago I would have shrugged that idea off with a single thought. Life takes work but if we pay close attention it is a beautiful journey. I will spend the balance of my week working feverishly on my latest commission and hope to have this latest panel done by weeks end. I will be sharing photos of THAT journey during the week.


Anonymous October 5, 2009 at 11:16 PM  

I have no doubt you must feel immensely proud and grateful for the monumental feat you've just experienced, and rightfully so! I'm looking forward to seeing the work you've been busying your hands with.


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