September 20, 2008


Good evening friends!
Here is the most recent mosaic glass applique' commission that I've completed for Lea. The piece was also done on an antique' window from Galena Territory in Northern Illinois. It was such a happy piece to work on and Lea was just a joy to collaborate with! I love working with fellow artisans.
Her Esty shop is Ohana By Lea
I do have some sad news to report....after shipping 58 pieces of stained glass, this was the first report of damage I've had. My heart just sunk. It is so hard to work on a piece for weeks and then have something like this happen. From Illinois to Arizona was quite a distance but I've shipped pieces further. Maybe a bumpy trip??
I did insure the piece through UPS for the purchase value along with the shipping cost.
On the bright side the mosaic itself is fine but the glass on the window had cracks in several places on the back. I do believe that with some Weldbond, it will seal the cracks well enough to display the window as she planned, and Weldbond does dry just saddened me.
However, 58 perfect shipments isn't a bad record. Of course...THIS is why I insure every piece I ship. You just never know.
Lea has been so incredibly kind about the whole matter. She thanked me for my careful packing and complimented my work. Bless her heart! Above is the link to her store and I'd love for you to hop over there, mark her as a favorite and wish her well! She's been so great to work with. I am hoping she will send me a picture once the window is installed. She said it will be beautiful with the light coming through her room. Oh how I wish I could wrap my pieces in humongous bubbles.....(sigh)
With gratitude, Laurie B.


Pam Hawk September 21, 2008 at 9:51 AM  

That mosaic is so pretty - the movement and colors are so happy.

Sorry to hear about the damage. I've gotta say, though, that a 98.3% perfect shipping history is pretty fantastic for the delicate pieces you ship!

Anonymous September 21, 2008 at 11:13 AM  

Oh Laurie this piece is SO beautiful!! Your heart had to sink at the news though, ugh! At least she's a wonderful customer though but who couldn't be with receiving your gorgeous creations!!

Charming Sam September 21, 2008 at 10:47 PM  



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