May 10, 2008


Good morning friends! I've had quite the week here at the Olde Farmhouse. As I work, I've been dwelling on what topic my next post would cover. As of 4 am. I decided to just cover the highlights of the week here at the farm.
It started with the new "look" I'm trying to achieve with my stained glass pieces. Here are a couple of examples of some that I am in the process of finishing up. I should have these listed by Mothers Day.
Then about midweek I was out working in my gardens and spotted this shy catbird and I was lucky enough to snap a photo. They're quite common in these parts but very shy and usually frequent heavy brush. Apparently this little guy appreciated my wilting tulips!

With Spring comes so much labor here! I've been laying mulch, weeding, removing my snow covers and just enjoying what little sunshine has come our way here in the Midwest. Yesterday my dog and I were outside admiring the purple iris along the banks and noticed an Adult Great Blue Heron. We stood there for a couple of minutes watching him wade back and forth and I thought to myself, "get the camera you ninny!" So I whispered to Phoebe to come and we tiptoed back into the house. I grabbed my camera and walked back down to the creek. Of course, I never really believed I'd get a shot of the Heron. It seems no matter how stealthy you are, they hear you...I was able to get incredibly close! The bird was very busy pulling grass out of the creek bed and the result was my good fortune in getting some lovely pictures! They are featured at the top!

Tomorrow I will have a big surprise for my Mother's Day post! Stay's a keeper!

With Gratitude, Laurie


Anonymous May 10, 2008 at 2:31 PM  

Oh Laurie, how wonderful you were able to captures these amazing pictures. We had a Heron that lived close to our house but it always flew away at the slightest commotion.

The new stained glass is just fabulous!!


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