September 5, 2008


Hi Dear Readers, I've had several people emailing me asking, "Where are you?" "Where are your posts?" Have you falling in?" So, to answer the questions... No, I haven't fallen in....yet!

I was hit hard with a bad ear infection (previous post) and it's taking it's sweet time in clearing up.
When I'm not resting I've been working on a commissioned mosaic window for Lea. (see the preview picture above) I hesitate to unveil the finished product until it is in her possession and I am hopeful she will send me a wonderful picture of her smiling face with her new treasure. I have to say it has been a really fun project and one of the HAPPIEST windows I've done so far.
When I wasn't working on the window I was watching my husband use up our peaches by making peach sorbet, peach crumble and peach pie. Did I mention he's a chef? He's brilliant in the kitchen (probably comes from being a chemical engineer) A sample picture of his talent is above. One more short story to share with you is....
Over the weekend my hubby was working in the garden and said, "Laurie B.(really he does call me that) - come here and look at this caterpillar!" I thought, "yippy-skippy, a caterpillar..." I should have know that an exclamation like that coming from my husband's mouth was a worthy one....
I present to you the LARGEST caterpillar I have ever laid eyes on. (A green tomato worm) It was so huge that neither of us could bring ourselves to kill it.
We gave it "IT'S" green tomato and hubby took him to the bean field. Had I seen this creature while I was alone in the garden I would have run for the hills! (well, actually the cornfields but if I had hills that's where I would have headed)
To this creature I exclaim... Ewwh!! and also a name....Clyde. (I name all the creatures I come in contact with at The Olde Farmhouse)
So friends, I am still alive and starting to bounce back; but barely. I am guest-author for Design Style Guide tomorrow (the link is on my sidebar) so please hop over there and check out some of my favorite Autumn finds on Etsy by the Design Style Guide Crew!
Happy creating friends! With Gratitude, Laurie B.


Pam Hawk September 6, 2008 at 7:44 AM  

Oh ewwww, no kidding! When I first saw that picture I thought it was some sort of pepper, like one of those long light green Anaheim peppers - and the cross hatching showed where it had grown against a fence.
Clyde is HUGE! Wonder what kind of moth or butterfly he will end up becoming...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel better. :o)


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