June 6, 2008

Visuals from The Olde Farmhouse

We've had quite the week here at The Olde Farmhouse! I thought this picture was worth the 1001 words I could give...needless to say...back to back storms, tornadoes and floods! If I had some size 9 ruby slippers I would have used them. I didn't, however, want to crack open my beautiful snowglobe.
As I was dragging tree LIMBS from in front of my garage door I glanced down and saw this delicate robin's egg. The white rose had been cut earlier in the day to float in some water and I brought this darling in and gave it a bed for the night. Couldn't resist the photo as it gave me pause to think how such high winds could snap large limbs from a 30 foot Chinese Elm tree, yet gently lay this egg in the grass...still in tact...
I'm VERY busy working on a large stained glass panel for a business in Wisconsin and am enjoying the time I DO have to do my art in between storms.
Not to disappoint the dozens of you that have emailed me inquiring as to Prudence but it will be another day or two before I get her newest photos posted...she's a pistol and apparently has QUITE a following (bless her whiskers!) With gratitude, Laurie


Anonymous June 6, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

I found it amusing that the end of this posting addressed the individual my youngest son & I had stopped by to see... yes, Prudence. I had mentioned her to him and he was most insistent on seeing her. :)

On a side note (and back to your original posting subject) I hope the weather calms down for you and you find yourself with more time to enjoy your newest project Laurie! ~Sharon


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