June 22, 2008


Oh I'm teary eyed. I just received this award from Sharon at http://www.manamoon.com/ She has been my biggest supporter these past few weeks, giving me tips on marketing, craft shows, needed equipment for shows (I'm really nervous about going public in the "physical" sense) not to mention her attentiveness and kindness! The piece she wrote about me in her blog made me cry with tears of thankfulness for her!
I've been given so many gifts in my life....my two beautiful children who are now beautiful, strong and gifted adults, my wonderful husband who is my rock in this sea we call living, the new-kindled relationship with my dear sister and her family and my continued WIN over the battle with my health issues...(sigh) there is so much to be thankful for...
Back to Sharon....she is an incredibly talented artist (I just order her Above The Water earrings! TOO DIE FOR!) and want to order her "Golden Vintaj" Set sooo bad!! I just sigh when I look at it. I've got a thing for amber lately and her artistic eye is superb with this set!! Heck, with ALL of her work!
Please go to her blog at http://manamoon-studios.blogspot.com/ and subscribe! Her writing is so heart-warming and humor abounds! Her photos are pretty amazing also....
So...again...it is my humble honor to send this award on to five artists I admire....Please visit their sites, and RSS to the blogs...I gain so much inspiration, laughter and friendship from this group! With MUCH gratitude, Laurie B.
and last BUT NOT IN ANY WAY LEAST................


Anonymous June 23, 2008 at 3:51 PM  

wow Laurie... you'll notice my "wow" is subdued because I'm just so honored and truly touched; not only by your beautiful feelings which you expressed SO eloquently but how graced I am by your friendship.

You know I'll check out your awardies as I'm certain their immensely talented.

On a side note I had now idea you were coveting the Vintage set... do I hear "trade" in the air? I've loved that set from the moment I made it and have always imagined it going to a very special person. I think I just found her. ;)

Thank you again for the beautiful posting and for your cherished friendship! It means the world to me ~ Sharon


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