April 3, 2008


As artists, no matter whether it be music, dance, crafting or other mediums, we all have our "oh no THAT project!" It sneaks up on you quietly and at first you think you're just having a bad day. So, you put it down and return to the next....it's as though the project has a life, a will, of it's own. So goes the story with this beauty I just listed on Etsy...If I had a nickle for every tip I broke, every piece I dropped, every cut, burn, scrape I endured, I'd be rich...(okay, maybe not rich but I'd have at least a 20 in my purse)....It was one of those pieces that just would not, could not cooperate. Trust me, I was terribly tempted to put a huge price tag on this baby, this NAUGHTY baby but decided to forgive and forget and move on to my next venture. I just wanted to share the story and maybe next time you, as an artist, run into such a situation you can smile and realize you are not alone! It is true, art sometimes does have it's own life! With gratitude, Laurie


Kristen Andrews April 4, 2008 at 12:57 PM  

I know how you feel sometimes you just have to walk away and come again when you are fresh! Glad I am not the only one that feels that way sometimes!


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