March 24, 2008


I recently contacted Terry Curtiss after visiting his shop at I thought his carvings were really original and wondered if he could carve me a likeness of my fav-o-rite dog, Phoebe. He replied saying he was willing to give it a go. I sent him a few pictures of my pooch and here is what he created for me! Isn't she adorable and so full of detail! Not only that, he included the platform with her name engraved! I asked Terry about his history and what inspired him to start his on-line store. His response is below. I've left his story in his own words as I believe it captures what he's all about. Please visit his shop and check out his style! From Terry: I always liked to draw using colored pencil. Doing cartoon caricatures and the crazy decals out of the HOT ROD magazines were something I really enjoyed also. I was always filling my kids rooms with all of the Disney caricatures. Then they grew up and I just seemed to quit. So after retirement I got lazy and really liked it! Then an uncle who carves canes and walking sticks gave me a woodcarving magazine. I found a simple caricature pattern, I tried it, I liked it and I haven't stopped yet. Carving for me is a different place to go. Seeing the wood become a cowboy, wizard, dragon, dog, talking to it, creating a name and story for the piece is that place. So when I see someone look at one of my carvings and smile, just for a second, I know it worked for them too. TERRY



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